Xenophobia is a cancelled sequel to infamous guro game, Demonophobia. The first demo has been published in October, 2008. The second demo with has been published in December, 2009, but there were no more news from the creator after this.


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3 years ago Seichiro Towada, a scientist who led a certain project under codename "Xeno", commited suicide. But he left a daughter, Hatsuka Towada. The girl had a rather weird personality, but what was even stranger was her extraordinarily high intelligence; the tests showed that her IQ was 190 points! And once this girl has been kidnapped. Members of a local religious organization called "Mother" kidnapped a girl and drove her to an unknown destination. Then we see Hatsuka in some dark room, and there is a pistol on the floor next to her. She doesn't remember how she got here...

Why is was Cancelled

We will never know!


The demo is a massive improvement over Demonophobia.

  1. Much better controls than in Demonophobia.
  2. You can save the game at certain points.
  3. Now the game does have sound! And sometimes it can warn you about presence of monsters.
  4. New game mechanic: the rooms are dark and you light them with a lighter. It's too weak and cannot light the entire room, so you must be careful. Also there are places where you need to turn your lighter off.
  5. Your new girl is badass! She kills bosses using a pistol and even flashbangs!
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