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Juiced 3 was an cancelled game that was going to be released in 2011.


Because of the advanced software the graphics would be much sharper, There was also the ability to change the resolution not only in PC, But in PS3 & X360. There would still be bets yes, but the game-play would feel much similar to Eliminator.


Not much is known about the plot, only that the player always has dreamed of joining the underground racing scene and now it is his/her only time to join, it's like a once-but-never-ever-opportunity.

Reasons for the cancellation

  1. The game developer, THQ was dealing with severe layoffs and budgetary issues, not only that, 2011 was the year when a DDoS attack on the Headquarters of Bizarre Creations, Snatch and Grabing Brighton Storm and Liverpool. This sent game developers to spend more on Cyber-Defense.
  2. Juiced was not this popular anymore ever since Eliminator and Hot Import Nights became complete commercial disappointments.