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Screenshot from Super Mario 128

For another canceled sequel of Super Mario 64, see Super Mario 64 2

Super Mario 128 was a tech demo made in August 2000 made to see how much the GameCube graphics can handle.


When the game boots up, it shows a pixelated Mario on the screen. Suddenly the pixelated Mario goes into a 3D state (which actually was 3D, but didn't knew it when it started) and bunch of Marios started appearing under the blocks of the pixel Mario, throwing them into the void. Once the counter reached to 128, no more Marios would appear. Then, there is nothing much that happened; The Marios were doing whatever they were doing, throwing each other at the void and the Monopoly-like board was changing it's shapes, creating small mountains, and even became a pizza. And that's it. Just showing how the Gamecube would handle all of the Marios.

Why it was cancelled

It was never intended to be released in the first place, because it was only a tech demo to see how much the GameCube could handle on one screen.


There was never any leak on the internet of this game and everyone thought that this game after many years was cancelled, but miyamoto, said in a conference that people actually played the game, in the form of Pikmin, which meant that Super Mario 128 was later rewritten into Pikmin. (And later, some elements of Super Mario 128 was built into Super Mario Galaxy too)