Spy Vs. Spy is a cancelled GameCube Game, though shown on other consoles, it never showed the light on the GameCube.

The Game Plot?

In this single-player mode the player is able to choose between Black Spy or White Spy to complete a variety of missions filled with puzzles and a cast of enemies, including the enemy spy, all of which are AI-controlled. The story has been developed to be like an extended episode of the 1960s cartoon with a modern twist. The choice of spy does not matter - the player will still receive the same weapons and gadgets on either campaign. Likewise also, there are the same missions each way.

Why it was Cancelled

Mixed reviews on the Xbox, and unfavorable reviews on the PlayStation 2; mostly Nintendo didn't want to get mixed reviews too.


Though released on other consoles, kids with only GameCubes couldn't see the light of this game.