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Spider-man 4 was a planned 2011 video game being developed by Activision and Eurocom for the PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii . It was meant to tie in with the cancelled 4th Spider-man movie.


Alright let's do this one last time...

The game was planned to loosely follow the events of the movie, similar to the first three games. Spider-man would swing around the city, fighting small time criminals and stopping supervillains. The main villain of the game is believed to be the Vulture who was also planned to be the primary villain of the movie adaptation. Vulture was wanted for the murder of his (ex)business partner Greg Bestmen among other crimes. It's most likely that the other movie villains, Felicia Hardy and Mysterio would've appeared as well. Similarly, the players most likely would've had to fight the movie villains multiple times throughout the game like in the previous installments.

It's unknown whether other classic Spider-man villains like Rhno and Kraven would've returned like in past games. However, newspaper clippings in the main menu reveal the design of what looks to be either Vermin or the Jackal were planned for the game. 2 images of robots can be seen, hinting that the Spider Slayers may have been in the game as wel or at the very least, normal robots.

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Only 2 levels can be found in the beta with bits of other levels still existing in the games' code. The first level most likely would've been a tutorial and revolves around Spider-man swinging from rooftops and helicopters above the streets of New York city and a crashed subway while stopping random criminals. The second level probably would've taken place later in the game and be set at the Vulture's factory where a boss fight would most likely take place at the end. Other pieces of levels include streets with burning buildings, hotels and stores, shipyard supplies, and even famous NY landmarks.


I usually fight guys with metal octopus arms, you guys are a huge step down!

Unlike the 2nd and 3rd games however, free roaming may not have been an option as most gameplay in the beta show webswinging as being very restricted compared to past games, requiring to be near specific points in order to swing through the air. However, level select is accessible from the main menu similar to the first movie game. Another similarity being that in certain levels the player will fail if they fall to the ground in certain spots.

Combat is pretty basic with most enemies going down in a few hits but this was most likely due to the game still being in development. Also as mentioned before, Spidey would have to use certain objets to swing off of to traverse the levels. Wall crawling is also back albeit a little slower than before. Another returning feature would've been the double jump ability from the 3rd game. Surprisingly enough, despite being in early development, the controls are very smooth and have complete animations.

Due to the levels featuring multiple branching paths it might be possible that the game may have had collectables

and unlockables scattered around.


In 2010, Sam Raimi announced that the 4th Spider-man movie would be cancelled and that the Amazing Spider-man movies would begin production. With no movie for the game to be attached to, the project was ultimately scrapped and Activision would begin working on the video game adaptations of the TASM game instead.


  • Vulture would've been the first Spider-man trilogy villain to make his debut in a video game and then return as a movie villain.
    • Vulture was also planned to be in Spider-man 3 but was replaced by Venom.
  • It's unknown if any of the cast members from the movie would've reprised their roles for the game.
  • This is the closest piece of media that shows what was planned for the 4th Spider-man movie.
  • Vermin and the Spider-Slayers' role in the game (if any) may have inspired the plot of the 1st Amazing Spider-man game which both were villains of.
  • Given that Bruce Campbell worked on all 3 past Spider-man games, it's most likely he would've narrated again for this one.
    • Bruce was also planned to play Mysterio for a cameo in the movie, meaing he would've reprised the role in the game as well.
  • The bandits in the game all wear skull masks which may mean they're part of the Skull gang from the first game.
  • The loading screens shows webs forming, paying homage to the opening credits of the movies.
  • Some images in the main menu are taken straight from the movies.