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The Sonic Adventure 2 Remake, known being as Sonic Adventure 2 Revisited/Remastered, was a upcoming game for 2015 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Wii U along side with the Sonic Adventure Remake. However, they were both cancelled without any knowing about it.


Not long after the development of the SA1 Remake, Sega was impressed with Sega Shanghai's work that granted SA2 to get a remake as well. The cast would've had the Modern Voice Cast and Writers, like in Sonic Generations & Lost World.

Along with this, both games were even on a poster in E3 2014, but not giving any name about it.

Why was it Cancelled?

  1. When Sonic Boom: The Rise of Lyric was being sold poorly, they were losing lots of value dramatically going through harsh, cost cutting restructuring in early 2015 where many workers were laid off. It could also be that cold feet was giving out with Sonic to other developers, despite it being their own fault that the game was a rushed, buggy disaster. Another possibility is it was super cost conscious during restructuring at the time, having concerns that the remakes were going over-budget thinking they were unable to make the money back.
  2. During around late 2020 to early 2021, rumors escalated to fans speculating SA1 & SA2 Remakes at the time, such as music from the Sonic Adventure Music Experience Concerts (Along with images from the Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook page). Around March 2021, Zippo has opened up to the public to explain the truth about these two games, giving everyone a disappointment at the end.


  • The game, along with the Sonic Adventure Remake, both had to be cancelled to restore they're company back in order.
  • With Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric dropping like a bomb, it was scaring the heck out of them.

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Image from Zippo's Post, possibly E3 2014