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Pico's School 2 (Also known as Pico 2) is a game that was initially planned to be the sequel to Pico's School, a popular game on Newgrounds.

The game was gonna be a point-and-click adventure game similar to games like Monkey Island or Flight of the Amazon Queen, where you play as Pico. Unlike the first game, it would include keyboard support.

While the game was cancelled, prototypes were made available to play to Newgrounds Supporters and can still be played today.


The game picks up at the place exactly where the first game ended, ghetto-bots from space are sent by the Penilians to eliminate Pico and the rest of the humans on earth. So it's up to Pico to stop them once again.

Why it was Cancelled

  1. Tom and MindChamber were busy with many other things, which slowed down development, such as Tom with Alien Hominid and The Behemoth, and MindChamber was busy with a part time job.
  2. It started to pushed back in priority, with Tom once claiming he´d rather first remake the first Pico's School before continuing work on the sequel, however he later said that he "doesn't think he´ll ever remake Pico's School".
  3. Tom has said he isn´t really sure if it´s on his "bucket-list", saying that "outsourcing a former Pico follow-up feels weird to him", he also said he wouldn´t be able to properly communicate his thoughts into hours making it himself.
  4. The game seemed a little too ambitious for a flash game for some.

Result and future

While the game was cancelled, some of the assets from the game has been used in other games, such as the engine and sprites being used for "Resident Pico" and Pico´s sprites from "Newgrounds Rumble" also being taken from this game.

It eventually became an on-going joke that Pico 2 would never come out, with many people making joke submissions, the most infamous of them all being "Pico's School 2" by Clatform, which was uploaded on April Fools Day in 2013.

MindChamber has uploaded some old assets on his Twitter in 2021.

Tom has said if he were to revisit the project, he "would have to start over, as the series was influenced by different parts of his life, with the first one being influenced by his high school life and the second being influenced by his college life", however he continued by saying "He´d wanna revisit that life with the benefit of hindsight, though".

In 2021, the Friday Night Funkin' devolpment team has said they will remake the first Pico's School and finish Pico's School 2 once their Kickstarter hits $5,000,00, however it´s unknown if they actually want to complete it or if this is simply just a joke. (but it´s most likely the latter)

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