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A Pac Man World shown in 2007 is supposedly the fourth installment/reboot in the Pac Man World saga. It was possibly going to be released in the late 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP.



Why It Was Cancelled

  1. Pac Man World 3 had too low sales, along with mixed reception from fans, so Namco gave up the franchise.
  2. The plot looked too dark.


  1. The Pac Man World franchise ended up having 3 games (4 if you count World Rally), with a remaster of the first game coming August 2022.
  2. The Pac Man series of games still exists, with collection museums of the classic games, and even remasters.
  3. Namco made another Pac Man franchise called ''Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures'' which was also an animated series.