Omikron - The Nomad Soul Coverart

More proof that simply having a famous musician on board does not sell your game.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul is a PC and Dreamcast game, released in 1999 and 2000 respectively. A PlayStation and PlayStation 2 port were in development but were cancelled.


In a dystopian future all of human activity is dictated by a supercomputer in Omikron. The player character must uncover the government conspiracy by working with a terrorist group and demons.


The game is known for having piqued the interest of David Bowie, who not only supplied the soundtrack but also voiced Boz, who shares his likeness.

Why It Was Cancelled

The Dreamcast version was not very well received, achieving only middling review scores.

Seeing that the console port of the game had an average reception and weak sales, the PS1 and PS2 ports were cancelled at around 70% completion.

Omikron PS1 article

Article from Official Australian PlayStation Magazine issue 23 (June 1999).