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This is focusing on the cancelled GameCube and Xbox versions.

What Is The Plot?

There is no plot as this is just a game, but there is the gameplay plot, here it is.

The gameplay revolves around one thing: sucking blood from the Yamada family while they go about their everyday business. However, the player can only suck from a designated body area which will only be available at specific times. Each family member follows a set looping pattern of movements. By following these movements, the player must fill a quota of blood for each stage. The challenge in bloodsucking is that each victim has a "stress meter". The player must make sure that the victim stays unaware. Sucking too fast or too slow will increase the victim's stress level. If Mister Mosquito is swatted while sucking blood, instant death occurs. If the player is noticed by a victim while flying around, Battle Mode begins, involved like boss battle. The victim tries to attack Mister Mosquito through various means. To calm them, the player must hit a number of pressure points, relieving them of tension. Once they are relaxed enough, they return to their business.

Why it was Cancelled

The game was too weird that even the American version wasn't even planned, but it was, for only the PlayStation 2.


It was only released for the PlayStation 2, so no sight for the GameCube or Xbox version.