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Marble Man: Marble Madness II was a cancelled arcade game planned for release in 1991 as the sequel to the 1984 arcade game Marble Madness.

Mark Cerny, the creator of the original Marble Madness, wasn't involved with the development of the sequel. Development was instead led by Bob Flanagan who designed the game based on what he felt made Marble Madness a success in the home console market.

Because the market's demographic was a younger audience, Flanagan wanted to make the sequel more accessible and introduced "Marble Man". The design also included pinball mini-games between sets of levels and allowed up to three players to traverse isometric courses. The final wave is called "King of the Mountain". Flanagan intended to address the short length of the first game and, with the help of Mike Hally, developed seventeen courses.

Why it was Cancelled

  1. It didn't fare well against more popular titles at the time, such as Street Fighter II.
  2. Atari assumed the track balls the reason for the poor reception and commissioned a second model with joystick controls. The new models were also however met with the same poor reception.


The game was cancelled and the focus shifted to the development of Guardians of the 'Hood, a beat 'em up game released in 1992. No boards of the game were made apart from the prototypes, and according to Cerny, at most 12 of these exist. These prototypes have since become collector items.