The L600 was to be a Linux-based game console/computer and was in the process of being developed by Indrema until Indrema ceased operations in April 2001. Besides game play, it was also to be a CD player, DVD player, web browser, and TiVo-like video recorder. It also would have been an MP3 storage device.

Had the console been released, it would have cost US$299 and would have had 30 games available at launch. It would have had 64MB RAM and 96MB total. Its storage medium would have been 10GB discs. It would have had HDTV support. Indrema would have let regular end-users develop their games via their development kit. Most companies charge more than $10,000 USD for their kits. It would have had a GPU slide bay (it allowed you to slide out the graphics processor when a better one was available), an x86-based microprocessor running at 600 MHz, and it would have been able to process 120-180 million polygons per second.

There was little hope for the L600, however, as its speculated release date of Summer 2001 or later was after the launch of Sega's Dreamcast and Sony's PlayStation 2, and very near or after the release of

200px-Indrema Console

The Prototype of the Indrema L600, this is the only known prototype.

Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube. The Dreamcast and GameCube had launched at considerably lower prices, and PlayStation 2 and Xbox at the same speculated US$299 despite having bigger budgets and less advanced hardware than the L600 was supposed to have, leading to doubts. It was just one of many independently developed systems that would be unable to take consumer attention and spending from more established, previously mentioned companies already in the market.

Why it Flopped

GameCube and Xbox were being released.

They were missing $10 Million to complete the whole console.


No console. The closes to this console to any related type is PlayStation 2, which had supported Playable DVD, and could also play high special HD Games.