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Many video games have been planned and released, but sadly the ones on this wiki were permanently cancelled for many reasons, and this is just the page for you to learn about certain games of all kinds that were about to get a green light, but instead got a permanent red light for one reason or another.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Here are headings for for every page in this wiki after naming the game, list out the following: Plot/Goal, Why It Was Cancelled and Result or if there are more than one result, type in Results
  2. Profanity and explicit images are forbidden. If any of these rules are broken, expect a permanent ban.
  3. Page vandalism is forbidden.
  4. Any comments that make no sense will be deleted. The same thing will happen if you insult and harass other users will be deleted.
  5. The details on the article of the game need to be accurate and written in your own words.
  6. Copy and pasting the plot about the game is plagiarism, and plagiarism is forbidden here and elsewhere.
  7. If video clips of these cancelled games are on YouTube, please feel free to post them here if you'd like!
  8. Fan fiction games are prohibited on here! Real games ONLY!
  9. All users who are new to the page need to be registered.
  10. Have fun!

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