Blur 2 was a racing video game created by Bizarre Creations, a subsidiary of Activison.

Blur 2 would have started work just after the first Blur. It would have been the sequel to the 2010 video game Blur.


The goal of the game is unknown and was not talked about much. The plot is also unknown as well. It likely would have similar goals to the first Blur.


Blur 2 would feature a all new engine, cars, tracks, an overhaul and revamp of the abilities, and a new graphics engine. Although the only cars and tracks that were seen at the time were the Audi R8 in Dubai, and an orange race car (That resembles one of the Ultima cars) on a snowy mountain. The track in Dubai allowed players to ride along a building, this would be one of the new features in Blur 2. Real-life locations and lands were to be featured in Blur 2, particularly include San Fransisco, New York, Miami, Dubai, and other tracks. 

The power ups were to also to be different in Blur 2. The Shunt power up from Blur got an overhaul to a red ball in the first Blur, to an big energy pulse. Shunt was the only known power up which was overhauled. Other overhaul of the other abilities, such as Shock, Nitro and Bolt are unknown.

There were to be more cars available to drive in Blur 2, although the only cars seen into play are the Audi R8, and the orange race car that was previously mentioned.

Why It Was Cancelled

Because of the abysmally low sales of Blur, despite having positive reviews, and the lack of confidence Activison had in Bizarre Creations, they decided to close the Blur 2 project down as well as shutting down the studio, and its other projects the studio was doing.


  • A few videos were leaked development footage about the Blur 2 project were shown by Chris Davie on his blog. A frantic Activison would then take down the videos on Chris's own blog which were re-uploaded on to YouTube as the same leaked footage. 
  • The only real Blur sequel that saw the light of day was Blur Overdrive, which was a top-down racing game on mobiles, along with the player driving fictional cars rather than real-life cars.


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