though this is not a game i feel like it should be on here. If this stay's on here I will make one about the Nintendo Playstation and try to go on almost every known detailed websites ever.

Now for it to start

The Atari Cosmos was a handheld made by Atari in 1981, the console has a shape of a calculator inside it, but is actually a gaming screen with 2 zero's on top.

Yup this thing

Why it was Cancelled/flopped hard

a pre-printed holographic overlay merely served as window dressing for simple, interchangeable electronic games displayed on a 7-by-6 grid of red LEDs. When the press got wind of the system's true nature, enthusiasm dropped, and Atari pulled the plug on the Cosmos just as it was ready to launch. 


It never saw the light of day.

QU (Quick Update)

I am able to find photos for these so most of them will have photo's in them